Why Video?

Videos are a dynamic and effective way to share stories because they evoke emotion, feature continuos content and dialogue, and keep your audience engaged. KLiK understands how to harness the power of video storytelling to help you share your message.  We can manage your video project from start to finish, including concept development, script-writing, facilitating stakeholder meetings, filming, interviewing, and more.  From social-media bites to mini-documentaries, we can create meaningful content targeted to your key audiences and tailored to fit your marketing strategy.  

  • Fundraising Appeals

  • Highlight Reels

  • Event Coverage

  • Company Ethos

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • Legacy & Thank You Videos

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Promotional Videos

  • Social Media Bites

  • Short Story

  • Featured Story

  • And more...!

Client: DKS Associates
Video Type: Legacy/Thank You Video
Project: As DKS's President (2009-2017) transitions to retirement, the firm extends a thank you for all of his contributions. 

Client: PHAME
Video Type: Fundraising Appeal Video
Project: PHAME's first annual 'One Community' business luncheon (with closed captions).

Client: OHSU
Video Type: Highlight Reel
Project: 2016 Harvest Hustle 5k/1k and kid's fun-run dash fundraiser, Portland, Oregon.

Client: PHAME
Video Type: Fundraising Appeal
Project: PHAME's annual 2016 Gala

Client: 503 Media/Events & TEDx Portland
Video Type: Highlight Reel w/ Interviews
Project: 2017 SPECTRUM event featuring interviews with key speakers.

Client: DKS Associates
Video Type: Company Ethos
Project: An introduction to DKS's new President, CBO and COO.

Client: DKS Associates
Video Type: Website Content
Project: Video created for website rebrand, offering a glimpse behind the scenes at company culture.

Client: PHAME
Video Type: Fundraising Appeal
Project: Portland's acclaimed fine and performing arts academy for young and older adults with developmental disabilities shares their accomplishments for the past year.

Client: Pacific Power Corp & 3Degrees
Video Type: Marketing / Thank You Video
Project: 'Thank You' to Blue Sky program members for their contribution to a new wind farm in Eastern Oregon . 

Client: ZGF Architects
Video Type: Featured Story
Project: Summary of the Integrated Design Event process used to design OHSU's Community Health & Healing South building. 

Client: PHAME
Video Type: Promotional Video
Project: PHAME's 'Wizard of Oz' production.