The Power of Images

Photos capture the the faces, places, and emotions that your stories are based around. KLiK's photographers specialize in project, portrait, and documentary photography, and we are passionate about creating images that will bring your story to life. With backgrounds in photography, architectural design, and marketing, we know how to capture the images that will speak to your audience. Please scroll down for samples of our work.  

  • Headshots
  • Company Candids
  • Event Coverage
  • Live Performance
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Media Content
  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Landscapes
  • Cityscapes
  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Utilities


Put a face to your name! Professional headshots are an opportunity to connect with potential clients, support your brand, and showcase the faces that make your business tick. We know it's not always easy to be photographed, so we make sure to keep the mood light and have fun, all while making headshots that you will be proud to show off! Click the images below to see examples of each session type. 


Studio Session

Studio sessions are held in a beautiful photography studio located in NW Portland.  Studio headshots have great versatility because of their clean and modern look. As your company adds staff members, new photos can be created in this controlled environment to create a consistent look. (To get the studio look, on-location, ask us about our Mobile Studio options.) 

On-Location Session

On-location sessions are held at the location of your choice. These headshots are an ideal way to be photographed in a setting that is contextually appropriate to you or your profession. Are you a chef? Perhaps a session in your restaurant. In construction? Maybe you want to be photographed on the job site? The opportunities are endless! 


Company Candids

Go Team!!! A business is the sum of its people. Show clients that your team is passionate about what they do by showcasing their day-to-day activities. Company candids give your clients a glimpse behind the scenes, helping them visualize your work environment and the faces that make it all happen. These photos are a fantastic way to populate your website, keep your social media feed active, and liven up all of your print marketing materials. Click the images below to see gallery.


Event Coverage

It's time to Party! Having your event documented through photography ensures you will capture all of the magic of the big day. Our photos will provide you with valuable marketing images for your website, social media, and print marketing needs! From corporate events to non-profit fundraisers, we've got you covered! Click the image below to see the gallery.



Having a transportation system that allows people to efficiently move from place to place is not only important, its fundamental! With backgrounds in design and planning, our KLiK team understands that showcasing your built work through photography is a valuable way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your designs.  Click the image below to see the gallery.


Cityscapes, Landscapes & Agriculture

When you use beautiful, local imagery to populate your website or marketing materials, it provides visual eye candy to keep people engaged and can root your business in context. Ask us about creating custom photographs to make your website, social media platforms and documents pop! 


Architecture & Interiors

Showcase your designed spaces through the power of professional photography.
We'll help you show your projects to the world. 


Utilities, Construction & Demolition


Photo documentation of your construction or demolition project captures how the work is performed, the people who make it happen, and the equipment required for the job. Add the images to your portfolio and show your potential clients how you get the job done!